CFO Services

A CFO is an essential component for understanding and implementing strategic planning and maximizing cash flow for growth.

Want to platform to that next level?

An accountant/bookkeeper is like an at home weight scale. Is it right? What do I do about the number? Is this muscle I am gaining? Water weight? Fat? A Chief Financial Officer is like a personal trainer we set goals, help you implement and hold you accountable to hit your targets every month

The Roadmap

Right from the outset sit down with you and figure out what your current situation is, and what your goals are before breaking things out into 4 easy steps.

  1. Accuracy:  Are the numbers even right?
  2. Understanding:  What do the numbers tell us?
  3. Planning: What do we need to change to get results
  4. Execution: Translating plans into operations and systems

A deep dive into your business

There is a lot we look to help improve the financial situation of a person 

  1. Increase Revenue (volume, units, price)
  2. Decrease Cost of Sales(variable, fixed)
  3. Increase Gross Profit
  4. Decrease Operating Expenses
  5. Increase Net Profit
  6. Decrease Taxes
  7. Increase Post Tax Net Profit
  8. Increase Wealth
  9. Increase Business Valuation
  10. Increase Retirement
  11. Asset Protection